7/26(水)Qwacchi-Noiz第一弾アーティス・ハイアップロー / 第2弾シングル!『YUTORI』いよいよリリース!

Liric:嘉手川 航汰 & 山城 皆人
Music & Sound Produce:音楽クリエイターKUGANI
QWCH-N05 / 143(税抜)



8/19 サンエー那覇メインプレイス 2Fオープンモール



4月からFM沖縄の10代若者向け人気番組『Radio Dub』にレギュラー出演で知名度が急上昇中の彼ら。番組内の企画で1,000人規模のフリーLIVEの開催に向け県内の街中で10,000人へ声掛けを行いLIVEで初披露したこの楽曲は、会場内で大きな話題となり最新シングルとしてリリースされることになった。




High Up Low made a debut with their first single “High Up Low” on February 2nd 2017 from a music label called “Qwacchi-Noiz” which FEC Office, Okinawan comedy company, established in the same year. After having actively promoted with their first single for about a half year, they have announced their second single called “YUTORI” which is out July 26th.

The group’s name is becoming well-known in Okinawa, because they have appeared regularly in “Radio Dub” which is a popular radio program among Okinawan teens. As a project in the program, they were challenged to make a group of 1,000 people come to their free live concert. Having managed to have a thousand people coming to their concert, they went to all over the island of Okinawa to invite as many people as possible to come, and they spoke up to 10,000 people in total. In the live concert, they brought out their new piece “YUTORI” for the first time and it became a hot topic so that the music label decided to release the song as their 2nd single.

In the long-expected new single, Kota Kadekawa and Minato Yamashiro, the members of the group, took a charge of writing lyrics and main vocal. Yutori means a young generation educated under “pressure-free” system, and the system is now considered that it lowered children’s scholastic ability. In the song, with EDM sound, they made fun of themselves who were criticized for being “Yutori.” However, at the same time, they expressed their honest feeling that they wanted to be recognized their high value in the society. Many young generation feel empathy for the artists’ frustration toward the society. KUGANI, music creator who actively works in the Goeku Eisho project, composed music and also worked as a record producer. The members and KUGANI have started out on making a new original album together.

High Up Low consists of three comedy groups, KY Dangerous, Dekoboko Traveling, and Ku-ta-shinka, and the members also work energetically as comedians and talents. Kota Kadekawa (a member of KY Dangerous) was selected as a featured actor in a TV drama series called “Acres Ground Master,” and he received a high evaluation for his act. This series is going to be broadcasted in TV Kanagawa in this August, so that Kota Kadekawa will be recognized not only in Okinawa but also other prefectures. KY Dangerous and Dekoboko Traveling started up their YouTube channel called “KY channel.” Once they uploaded a video and tweeted about it, it was retweeted 4000~8000 times. They made full use of SNS and got their popularity among the young people. Also, Ku-ta-shinka had an audition and got a chance to appear on a nationwide comedy program on NHK. Do not take your eyes off the popular and capable young comedians!

The music label “Qwacchi-Noiz” has harmonized HIPHOP, Okinawan folk songs, J-POP, mood songs, electronica in their music. This time, you will see “the harmony of music and comedy” with High Up Low.

FM沖縄『Radio Dub』(3組)
RBCiラジオ『KYデンジャラス produce 護得久栄昇アワー』(KYデンジャラス)

Regular Program

OTV “Acres Ground Master” (KY Dangerous)
TVCM “Space China” (KY Dangerous)
FM Okinawa “Radio Dub” (High Up Low)
RBCi Radio “KY Dangerous presents Goeku Eisho hour” (KY Dangerous)
FM Ginowan “FEC Tune Do” (KY Dangerous, Dekoboko Traveling, Ku-ta-shinka)


 Qwacchi-Noiz 第5弾シングル
【 商品概要 】
1. タイトル名:YUTORI
2. ジャンル:Alternative、J-POP
3. レーベル:Qwacchi-Noiz(クヮッチーノイズ)
4. 形態:配信限定
5. OA・情報解禁日:なし
6. 発売日:2017年7月26日

Qwacchi-Noiz The Fifth Single
[Product Outline]
Genre: Alternative, J-POP
Label: Qwacchi-Noiz
Product Form: Online Music Distribution
Releace Date: July 26th 2017 

♪ 各主要サイトにて、ハイアップローの楽曲配信中 ♪

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